Industrial Electrical Safety Equipment
B7NFD Series Compact Non-fused Disconnect Switches
The B7NFD Series by Hubbell Killark encompasses compact, non-fused disconnect switches designed for safe operation in harsh and hazardous environments. These switches are optimal for various applications, including locations with flammable gases or vapors and settings that require frequent washdowns or are exposed to heavy rain.
April 17, 2024
Industrial Electrical Safety Equipment

Hubbell Killark B7NFD Series: Ensuring Reliability and Safety in Extreme Conditions

In industries where safety and reliability are paramount, the B7NFD Series of compact, non-fused disconnect switches from Hubbell Killark offers a robust solution tailored for harsh and hazardous environments. These switches are engineered to withstand the challenges of locations laden with flammable gases, vapors, and other ignitable materials, making them a crucial component in ensuring operational safety and compliance.

Unveiling the B7NFD Series - Features and Applications

The B7NFD Series switches come with a range of features designed to maximize efficiency and safety. Their compact size not only saves space but also reduces costs compared to industry-standard sizes. The series boasts fewer cover bolts, which simplifies maintenance and reduces installation time. A silicone O-ring gasket ensures a tight seal against moisture, enhancing the durability of the switches in damp and wet conditions.

Key Features Include:

  • Robust Construction: Made with copper-free aluminum and a grey powder polyester painted exterior, these switches are built to last in corrosive environments.
  • Flexible Applications: Suitable for outdoor or indoor use, especially in areas that face heavy rain or require frequent washdowns. They are also ideal as motor circuit disconnects.
  • High Compatibility: The PRISM® enclosure design supports a variety of switches from well-known manufacturers, ensuring flexibility across different systems.

Who Benefits from the B7NFD Series?

  • Electrical Engineers: Professionals tasked with ensuring reliable power management in hazardous environments will find these switches invaluable.
  • Safety Managers: Those responsible for maintaining safety standards in explosive or extreme conditions will appreciate the robust and secure features of the B7NFD Series.
  • Maintenance Teams: With features aimed at reducing installation and maintenance time, these switches facilitate easier and quicker handling, significantly aiding operational teams.


The B7NFD Series by Hubbell Killark sets a new standard for disconnect switches in extreme environments. With its sturdy construction, ease of maintenance, and versatile application across various hazardous settings, this series is an essential asset for any industry operating under challenging conditions. By integrating these switches, facilities can enhance safety, efficiency, and reliability where it matters most.

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