Industrial LED Lighting Solutions
AR-XR-MR Series Industrial and extreme environment LED Lighting
Nemalux's product catalog showcases a comprehensive range of LED lighting solutions designed for harsh and hazardous environments. These luminaires are tailored for various industrial applications, offering enhanced durability, versatile mounting options, and advanced optical control to improve workplace safety and efficiency.
April 13, 2024
Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Nemalux: Pioneering LED Lighting for Industrial Safety and Efficiency

Nemalux is at the forefront of LED technology, providing robust lighting solutions specifically designed for the most challenging industrial environments. Made in Canada, these lights are engineered to withstand extreme conditions found in sectors such as oil and gas, chemical, and mining, enhancing both safety and productivity on site.

Feature-Rich, Industrial-Grade LED Solutions

Nemalux's LED products are built with high-quality diodes from leading manufacturers, ensuring longevity and reliability under reduced heat stress. Key features include metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCB) for efficient heat transfer, secondary optics for precise light control, and durable, corrosion-resistant housings suitable for marine and hazardous applications.

Products and Specifications:

  • Series Offered: MR, XR, AR, GS, and more, each designed for specific industrial needs.
  • Safety Certifications: Include UL, CSA, and Marine ratings, ensuring compliance with the strictest safety standards.
  • Environmental Resilience: IP66/67 ratings, with some models offering IP68 for submersion, highlighting their suitability for wet and corrosive environments.
  • Energy Efficiency: Features like programmable power supplies and dimming capabilities help balance energy use and operational efficiency.

Why Choose Nemalux:

  • Durable and Reliable: Products are designed to perform in the harshest conditions, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Customizable: Lighting solutions can be tailored to specific project needs, offering various lumen outputs and mounting options.
  • Support and Service: Nemalux provides in-house lighting design and engineering support, ensuring that each lighting solution perfectly matches the unique demands of the project.


Nemalux is not just a provider of industrial lighting; it is a partner in enhancing industrial safety and efficiency. With a focus on innovation, durability, and customer support, Nemalux continues to light the way in harsh and hazardous environments, proving that even in the toughest conditions, lighting can be both safe and effective.

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